Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Matte polish trend obsession! My new secret!!

52weeks of nails. 

In order to keep myself inspired to always have polish on my digits I am starting a series on different nail styles I'm wearing each week. At least one post a week!

Don't spend tons of money buying matte polish! Use a matte top coat that really works like I did instead!!

Matte black and gold glitter nails!

My inspiration! From Pinterest of course. 

Get the look! 
Two coats of OPI black - Onyx
One coat Essie matte finisher topcoat
Just the tips with Essie glitter- Beyond Cozy

I am sooooooooo pleased with how Essie's matte topcoat has performed!!! Now  I can have matte nails in any color want!! As you can see the OPI color has no shine left! 

I think Beyond Cozy has become my new favorite glitter polish as well!! Here it is on my toes :)

The picture does not even do it justice as to how glittery it is!!! The color is an awesome cool time gold that almost looks silver in some lights. Which is awesome to me because I alternate wearing silver and gold a lot and I won't have to worry about this polish clashing!!

I am hoping to get some nail studs to glue on from Etsy soon. I'm sure you will see that soon along with lots of matte and glitter. :)

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