Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I got you Glaze.. Dah dah. Dah dah.

I hope that you do not think I speak of doughnuts. Sadly you would be mistaken
Though I love them...
Time...            *drools*

Where was I? Oh yes glaze as in furniture glazing such as in this case graywashing!! It is a lovely little technique that both revamps and ages the look of a piece in this case my bathroom vanity. 

I did not take a before photo. It was all too awful. If you knew you would thank me! All 70s and used to be white but not so much anymore and chipping and GOLD trim. So. Bad. 

Nevermind I take that back here it is in all it's before glory. Please forgive me?

I'm sorry lets look away now...

Here it is in it's white loveliness. MUCH BETTER!! But I wanted more! I used  Rustoleums painters touch paint in white. It is the best paint and will cover anything without sanding. I did not even prime this. It did take five coats to cover all the awful. 

Here is my vanity in all it's wonderfully finished glory!!! The wonderful post I found on Pinterest for inspiration can be found here
It had some some great tips on making a wash. I mix 2 parts glaze (behrs brand glaze) to 1part white P.T paint then I added enough black paint to get the grey I wanted lightly painted on and wiped off with a damp rag until I got the look I wanted!! Easy and fun! I hope you like the results!!! I sure do. 

I will do house tour as the rooms get finished <3

P. S.  I even spray painted the bottom pulls using krylon looking glass spray. This stuff is amazing but more in that later.... 

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