Friday, July 12, 2013

Beautiful Sparkly Glitter Magnets

Beautiful right?!?!

And so easy and fun. I was actually surprised at how little mess these made and the finished product doesn't shed any glitter. Which my glitter disliking hubby happy. 

Here's the original tutorial I used:

Here's how we do:

What you need
Assorted glitter (I bought $.99 little tubes from Joann's and still have 3/4 left)
Clear glass floral gems (found in the floral department get the big ones and the opaque ones won't work they must be clear)
Strong magnets
E6000 glue (a must for getting things to stick it's so worth the $4 the mother of all glues)
Craft Glue

My sister and I started out with plates and put the glitter on them in little piles. We then used a small foam craft brush and painted some of the E6000 on the back. (I had a plate for the glue and brush too cause some glue kept leaking out the tube) Dip as you wish into the glitter we made solid and multi colored ones. 

Let them dry for an hour or so. 

Make a glue wash with craft glue and water to make a paint like consistency. Paint liberally on top of the glitter taking care not to rub bits off. 

It was late when we made these so we let them dry overnight but I'm sure it would only take a few hours to dry. 

These are some of them drying!

Once they are fully dry use your E600 to glue magnets on the back and Voila! 

More glitter DIY projects in the near future. 

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