Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Glitter stripe mason jar! DIY

How to make glittery mason jars like this for floating candles (or whatever you fancy)

Mason jar 
Blue painters tape
Fine glitter in your color choice (mine is gold Martha Stewart glitter from the $1 section in target)
Glue wash (Elmer's glue with a little water in it)

1) taping off the mason jar

This is how I went about creating "stipes" on the mason jar with blue painters tape... I tried to create as even a ring as I could by placing a small piece of tape in between using it as a guide (see photo) I then removed the guide bits before gluing the photo is of the last guide tape I removed. 

Three very even rings!!!

2) slap on the glue baby

I then squirted E6000 around each ring on the glass and spread it out generously to the tape with a black foam brush. You have to be quick. This glue dries fast. There aren't a lot of pics because of that. 

3) 1st layer of glue
 This is the E6000 with the first layer of glue. It was really pretty at this stage but I wanted a thick layer of glitter. You could still see some thin spots. I let it dry for about fifteen minutes then took some glue wash (seen here in the bowl and what it looks like on the magnet:)

4) 2nd layer

Ipainted on a light layer over the glitter area.  And rolled it in glitter for a se

You can see the glitter is denser here. Yay! 

5) let it dry 
I left mine to dry over night but four hours or so should do the trick.  (Sorry I did not get a pic of this step)

6) carefully remove tape
My line did come out really straight I just had to slowly remove the tape so as not to rip the edges of the glitter. 

And ta-dah!!!!!

(Ps the jars behind them are actually pickle jars I made look like mercury glass)

I am really pleased with how this turned out and it looks awesome on my kitchen table!!

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