Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ahhhhhhhh the quintessential 1st post

So I'm gonna start this off a little old school....

WHO: I am quite simply Maggie. A married  lady who's not so old in body but a very "old soul" indeed. I have a wonderful dh and a precious fur baby "Lord Scrufflesworth" (his nicknames are even longer thanks to dh). I love three things spending time with my family, making people more beautiful with my wizard hairstyling skills, and trying to fill my home with glitter while still maintaining adult appearances. :) Oh and did I mention I'm nothing close to being rich. SOMEDAY!

WHAT: besides the obvious I am starting this adventure because of Pinterest. Yes you read that right. I decided not to define things any further than a "lifestyle blog" this means the will be lots of DIY, some good food porn, plenty of hair and beauty love, OOTD posts when I'm feeling pretty proud of my dressing skills, drooling over French home loveliness, and a good sprinkling of glitter. (By that I mean lots of glitter)

WHEN: right now in fact. This blog isn't going to write itself. Though that would be fantabulous!

WHERE: In the heart of Dixieland's big blue beautiful mountains  

WHY: I am a recent beauty school graduate in between jobs, with a lot of time on her hands, stuck in a Walmart and hand me down filled home, and again no money so DIY was the way to go. I decide my adventures in "Pinterestland" weren't turning out half bad so I thought why not share! My Instagram friends seemed to like them :D 
Instaname: Magpie1090

My Motto "If I can't afford to pay for someone else's work then do I will do it myself"

Hugs, Maggie & Scruffy

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