Saturday, July 27, 2013

Adventures in chalkboard paint!!!!

After finding this picture on Pinterest for making your own chalkboard paint I knew I had to try it!! 
(I could not find the original source but if you know it please let me know!) 

I read that it's best to add enough hot water to keep it from getting too thick I added about 1/4 cup and unsanded grout is what kind you will need even tho it doesn't say that in the photo. I used Rustoleums painters touch in flat black paint. 

It's super easy to use and I primed the items first with 2 coats of the black paint to make sure the underneath was fully coated. Then used the chalk paint as a topcoat. 

Check out some of my projects!! 
             A panel on my piano!

Looked like this before:

Kinda gross right?

Storage unit (kinda sofa table size) that was created from an old kitchen cabinet... I love it!! (Still need to add cool knobs)

And lastly....

Chalkboard ladder back dining chairs!!!!

They were distressed black and had this awful army green cushions. 

The only before I have... 

I actually used hot glue to recover with cause I was impatient and it's what I had.  

It worked well but ill post on that another time!!!

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